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What is the best way to encourage my daughter to meet new kids

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What is the best way to encourage my daughter to meet new kids her age? She is almost 15. We will be moving at the end of the month. Moving is nothing new to my girls, they have grown up in the military lifestyle, but this is our final move. We are retiring from the military world. These ideas will be put to the test in February. I just want her to be a happy, healthy child. She is healthy but she mopes around the house and is staying as much time in her room as possible. Is this "normal" behavior? She is also having a hard time grasping the idea of staying in one place. She only has two more years in high school and then college, she has told us that it is not the same.
Hello and Thank You for consulting JustAnswer. Has your daughter been an introvert most of the time? Is she interested in sports? Are you planning on joining a new church? What is not the same to your daughter? If I do not respond tonight, I will tomorrow. It is rather late here. :)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
She has been on her broom stick quite a bit lately. We are hoping that once we get settled into the new state and find a church and perhaps a sport or something, she will be happier. She has played field hockey, but that is not real popular in Texas, yet. She use to take karate, from the time she was 3 until just after she turned 13, but she says she is no longer interested in that. I am open to any suggestions. I just want her happy and healthy and being in the house, granted she reads a ton, but she is not happy.
I am going to go to bed too.
Thank you
Hello dear client. 15 is a tricky and difficult age because a teen wants to fit in and be socially accepted in everything. Staying couped in the house will not help her. She will become more depressed. First of all, get plugged into a good church in which there are youth groups. Attend as often as possible and make her participate in the groups. At least she will have a strong biblical foundation and hopefully meet strong faithful teens. Furthermore, see what activities are available at her new school. She must find something that interests her whether it be sports or other school clubs. On the flip side, if you feel that you daughter is just so introverted and will not socialize at all, then you may want to seek professional counseling from a child/teen psychologist or counselor. If she will not open up to you, maybe she might express her feelings to a neutral third party and learn intervention and coping strategies in how to meet friends, be more sociable, and find happiness in her life. Your daughter sounds completely broken. Please assist her in getting on the right path. Talk to her about positive things for now because moving is stressful as it is.

Have a blessed day!
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When you move, let me know how your daughter is doing. Request me,Jordan1314, in your question and I can assist you. I would love to hear about the progress of your daughter and any further questions that you may have.

Thank you. Happy Moving!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you, jordan1314. I will do that.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Jill is attending gospel girls and is meeting kids at school. A male friend asked her to go to a "R" movie. She quickly told him that she does not take that chance in a theatre,being underage. But that she was still interested.
How do I direct to doing something without it sounding like I am just bossing her around?
How can I help her to have friends that she can hang out with? Above all, I want my daughter to be happy, healthy, and then kick butt in school. So, what now?
Hello...Nice to hear from you again. Hope all is going well. Your daughter has developed an interest in boys which is normal for her age. I applaud her for turning down a "date" to the movies with a male friend. As her parent, you must continue to set boundaries and enforce them. You will not be sounding bossy. You need to assert control and set limits otherwise your daughter will attempt to manipulate you. I am not sure what your views are with regards XXXXX XXXXX but it is not advisable at your daughter's age. If she goes out, make sure that it is always with a group. The hardest part for a parent is to trust their child. When your daughter goes out, tell her what you expect. Make sure that she understands what she can do. If needed, explicitly tell her what she cannot do. Ask her if she has any questions. You want to keep the lines of communication open. When she returns, ask her about her outing...without being too prying. The teen age years are full of ups and downs. Just stay encouraged and connected with your daughter. You will be fine!If you need more assistance, let me know.Have a great day!
proexpert37 and other Parenting Specialists are ready to help you