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Imagine if parents start assigning chores to a child at the

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Imagine if parents start assigning chores to a child at the age of 10 or 11. Could the child have already developed a comfort zone for the first 10 years of not doing chores?

Imagine if parents criticize their child for every little thing on how he does each chore, but the child does try his best with a willing attitude. For example, suppose the following is the case: The child puts and adjusts a sprinkler to water the grass and the father later on comes and tampers with it and criticizes the child that no water is supposed to touch cement. All water is to touch all grass. Yet water still ends up touching some cement even after the father tampered with it and when the child calls that to his attention, the father then contradicts himself and says "well, it won't hurt if the water just touches the cement a little bit." Yet it was very close to the amount of cement that was getting water when the child had adjusted it.

Wouldn't it be better that if a child should make a mistake on a chore for the parents to tell the child something like this: "Excellent job son, very good. I'll tell you what, the next time you put and adjust the sprinkler, if you can also manage to put and adjust the sprinkler to where all the water will touch grass and no water will go to any cement, I'll buy you a pizza. What do you say?"

Thank you for your assistance.
Hello. Of course positive reinforcement is much better than negative. Especially if the child is not used to doing chores. Making the chores a bad situation for them will ensure that they will not want to do them at all. The part about bribing the child with a pizza may work sometimes, but be careful with that tactic. It may also be beneficial to explain why the sprinkler should only touch the grass and how wasting water is the end result. A child should never be criticized, only corrected and explained reasoning to.
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