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Ive been broke up my girlfriend for 3 weeks now. I was unsure

Resolved Question:

Ive been broke up my girlfriend for 3 weeks now. I was unsure about things because shes a little controling and when we would talk, she would shut me out and not acknowledge my feelings and put me down like how I feel is wrong and crazy. We broke up and she said she needed time that her feelings were complicated. I didnnt give her enough time and pressured her for an answer and there were some mean things said from the both of us. What I said was much worse. We tried to remain friends and I gave her more space and we didnt text for a few days. By the way most of our communication is done by text. Well after a few days of not talking she called because she wanted to hear my voice. We talked for an hour that night and the next day texted a little. Then I didnt hear from her for like 3 or 4 days and then started texting again. I asked if we could rekindle our relationship and she said no, that she wanted to start over as friends and see how it goes from there. We keep texting and i kept asking to speak on the phone or in person and she kept avoiding me saying she was to busy to talk. Then on christmas eve, she invited me to her house because she was having a christmas party for her family. I refused because I dont get along with some of her family. I told her I would like to see her after to talk. She said she was to tired and maybe the next day which was christmas day. When we texted that day, she said no that she was to busy. I told her that I really needed to talk, even if it was on the phone and not texting. I told her that texting is to impersonal and a cold and distant form of communication. She kept blowing me off and late that night I got mad and texted her that I was out with another woman that I had met a few days earlier and that we had fooled around and to forget being friends and to lose my number because she was a controling bitch for not giving me any time to talk and not to call me anymore. By the way she told me that I didnt have to wait on her while she was having her "space" because I told her it wasnt right to tell me anything on how she feeling and what am I supposed to do sit around clueless. Well, she texted me back saying how dare I talk to her like that and that I better not call or text her anymore that Im a crazy f**k. I did text her back and told her that I was hurt because she wont acknowledge the fact that I was hurt and needed to talk and that she acts cold toward me. I know that she wanted to be more than friends because she more or less said it. I dont know if I can get her to talk or open up especially after what has happened but I want to. Can you give me some advice to help me to try to get her to respond or is she done with this relationship?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 5 years ago.
Hello and Thank You for consulting Just Answer. I am sorry to hear about the problems with your ex girlfriend. It sounds like you both need time away from each other. She may have another guy that she is interested in and is keeping you on the back burner just in case that relationship does not work out. Additionally,it is very difficult to be involved with someone when their family does not get along with you.

If your ex will not open up and talk, just give her the time and space that she has requested. She either wants to be with you or not. It is too difficult to go back to being friends when you already have established a history. Either you are going to be together or apart...not even as friends. What would be the point to be friends? She will not talk to you. You have both said hurtful things to each other. Let her go. If it was meant to be, you will end up together down the road.

Happy New Year! ;)
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