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My 17 year old just failed his driving road test. Not talking,

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My 17 year old just failed his driving road test. Not talking, not eating...
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. Was this the first time taking the test? Was the written or driving part failed? Did your 17 year old have a car waiting for him/her? Thanks!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
First time, driving/road test. Written passed months ago. He is driving a car bought for him. He seems devastated but won't talk.
Did this just happen today? Was he close to passing? When an he take the test again?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Well it happened yesterday now. He can take the test in two weeks again. Had three checked, one for not signaling cacking into a parking place, something about changing lanes and a third hand written comment I can't read.
Hello and Thank You for responding. Your son is simply crushed and now depressed because his visions of driving his car have been shattered. He mat have bragged to his friends how he would soon be driving solo. Now he probably feels embarrassed as well. Give him one more day of alone time until you need to intervene. Tell him that you understand his feelings and it is alright to feel the way he does. Then encourage him by telling him that in two weeks, you know he will pass the test. So tomorrow, cook your son's favorite meal or take him to his favorite restaurant. Have a short talk about the driving test and his feelings, then talk about the holidays coming up and the special relatives you might see or the special things you might do over the winter break. he will be ok :). I am sure that he has not passed certain tests at school but overcame those feelings as well!

Have a great day!!!!
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