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This question is about my 11 year old son who loves to play

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This question is about my 11 year old son who loves to play Ice Hockey. He likes other sports like Soccer, Basketball also but he is very passionate about Ice Hockey - follows all the matches, reads the news to follow all about NHL. What are the extracurricular activities that we can enroll him in, that will help him later for admission in to very good colleges like Ivy League colleges (he is very good in academics.)

To be specific, I want to know
1. Is it true that if you have a Black Belt in Karate, then you get extra points during college admission
2. If there are any things like these that help, I would like to know those
3. In sports, if he picks IceHockey as his main sport, can that be a disadvantage since many colleges don't have Ice Hockey teams.
4. Which sports have relatively less competition and are preferred by colleges.
I know you might think
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer.

1. I have never heard of getting college credits if you have a black belt in karate. It may depend on the school though if they have a karate team.

2. Activities that would help get into college are belonging to service organizations, giving back to the community, competitive sports, taking AP classes and doing well in them in high school, taking rigorous classes, participating in leadership roles, etc.

3. If he wants to play ice hokey in college, then he needs to select a school that offers such a program. It is not a major disadvantage if the school does not offer the program to apply there because the school will view the extracurricular activity as a plus.

4. Other sports that have less competition that are considered by colleges are archery, golf, lacrosse, skiing, bowling, wresting, fencing, and equestrian type sports.

Good luck to you and your son!
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you so much for your info and fast response!! It is very helpful! I will accept the answer, just need some more clarification -
Is Tennis also one of the sport that has less competition and considered by colleges - or not? If not, why?
Tennis still has a great deal of competition but it has decreased over the years a little. It is still considered by colleges though. :)