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I am a mother of twin boys 17mths. I would like to know how

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I am a mother of twin boys 17mths.
I would like to know how to teach them about danger and stuff. They dont talk and dont seem to understand no.

We have absolutly no disipline plan and at the moment we just try to remove temptation or dangers and when they are being bad we distract them.

Is it appropiate to start being firm with them , by firm I mean saying NO in that mum voice / moving them to another room and stuff/ or time out- i doubt they would understand they were being punished I think they would think i was just being nasty.

What is an apropriate thing to do when the hit or bite. then do it again laughing. Its my biggest wory.

What is a good age to start time out.

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer. At this young age when your children misbehave in any manner, you say NO in a firm voice while bending down to look right in their eyes. If they were doing something dangerous with their hands, you tightly hold their hands and say "Hands are nice. Do not hit with hands" and then take their hand and stroke your arm gently. If they have been biting, tell them NO again while bending down right to their eye level. Hold their face and say, "Teeth are for talking and eating". If they laugh, ignore the behavior and walk away. Depending upon your discipline beliefs, a little pop pop on the behind may be in order or a little pinch on the shoulder. If this methods do not suit you, time out us fine. The standard for time out is 1 minute per year of age. So you can do about 2 minutes. Make them sit in a chair in the middle of a room with no distractions. If they get up, return them to the chair until they can sit for a complete two minutes. The key to all of this discipline is consistency. You must start teaching them the right things to do and hitting and biting are not acceptable behaviors. If you do not start now, it will be harder when they mature. They will not respect you. Get ahold of the behavior now while they are still impressionable. The terrible twos are approaching and then it will be the trying threes. Maintain your parental authoritative role and all times. Never allow your children to manipulate you.

Have a great day!
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