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Hi I was wondering if you have any tips on how to get my

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I was wondering if you have any tips on how to get my daughter who's 4 not to over react when I try to discuss her behaviour with her in a calm manner. Even before I say a couple of words she begins to cry and scream very loudly and when I ask why she's crying she says she doesn' know. It's the same in school if the teacher mentions something then she has the same reaction.

The reaction is worse when she's tired but still I would love to reduce the crying episodes.

Any comments appreciated.


Hello and Thank you for using Just Answer. How long has your daughter acted in this manner? Does she attend pre school.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Many thanks for asking.


She has attended nursery for nearly 4 years and is now at school. to be honest I not sure how long as it has only become really an issue since she started school. Ever since she was a baby she had the cry but at nursey they didn't notice the issue and could discuss things with her.

It seems to have come to the fore since starting school.




Hello and Thank You for responding. Children are such observational learners and imitate almost everything that they see. Your daughter has picked up some bad habits that someone else at school probably does quite often. If you were to pay a visit to the school a few times, you would see who acts in the same manner as your daughter.

When your daughter is at home and is having somewhat if a tantrum, tell her that you will return to her when she has calmed down. She is seeking negative attention. Do not give her an audience. When she is behaving and talking calmly, keep track on a chart. After she receives 10 stickers of having good behavior, reward her with a special treat or outing. Children like to work toward rewards. The goal is to elicit more positive behavior. Much of the negative will have to be ignored although it may be hard. Tell her what you expect and how she needs to follow through to earn stickers. This WILL work.

Have a great day!
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