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My 7 year old daughter has become very recently totally frightened

Customer Question

My 7 year old daughter has become very recently totally frightened scared and much so that she will not leave my husband or myself.She doesnt want to go to school and has rung me 8 times today to ask me to come home.She says she doesnt know what is wrong with her ,that nobody has hurt or threatened her that she just wants to be with her mum and dad all the time and is really really scared when she
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 5 years ago.
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. Nobody may have threatened your daughter but she has seen or heard about something someplace that has made her very fearful. Maybe she saw a news story on tv. Maybe some children at school might have mentioned something. Even her teacher could have mentioned stranger danger but to the extreme. All you can do is to reassure her that she will always be safe at home and at school. Keep telling her this on a daily basis. However, do not get into the habit of allowing her to stay home from school. School is safe and she needs know that.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks Jordan and will take on board what you say.Also reassuring thta nothing may have happeened to her
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 5 years ago.
Glad to assist anytime!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

This fear continues and every day she feels frightened and scared.However she goes to school and overcomes her fear even though she cannot articualte what she is frightened of


I wonder if she is just feeling her emotions and learning what they all are??

Expert:  proexpert37 replied 5 years ago.
Hello and nice to hear from you again. The next step that you must take is to contact the school counselor or psychologist. Explain the situation. He/she can observe your daughter in various school settings. The psychologist is right there at the school and can discuss with your daughter her fears, worries, and concerns and provide her with intervention and coping strategies to help her feel more positive about school. Several counseling sessions may be needed but that's perfectly normal.

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