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My soon to be 6 year old son from time to time (every few days

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My soon to be 6 year old son from time to time (every few days it seems) has been overheard either asking his almost 4 year old sister to play "Pee Time" or let him kiss her boobies or the other day for the first time I saw him sticking his hands in her underwear to touch her privates. Both have been talked to by both their father and I (we do not live together) that privates are private and we do not show others or touch each other's privates. My son also while playing with other boys sometimes has hit the other's boys (not punching) in the privates. I know the fascination is normal but I am concerned that he has been talked to so many times yet continues to exhibit this behavior at least once a week.
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. Have you received any information from your son's teachers regarding such behavior at school?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My son and 2 other boys have received "Behavior checklists" for playing in the bathroom. I do not think it involved any of the above behavior. Although, there was 1 incident of another boy from his kindergarten class coming out of the bathroom stall with his pants around his ankles and my son and another boy were in the bathroom as well. The boy with his pants down told the teacher and all 3 were taken to the Vice Principals office and talked to about inappropriate behavior and that privates are private.

My son also for a brief time (2 weeks) went through needing to go to the bathroom every 15 mins, but I believe that was associated with starting a new school and maybe not releasing all urine in one visit. So I started having him pull his pants down further and reciting the alphabet so he would have enough time to release. It seems to have corrected the frequent urination.
Hello...Thank you for responding. I need to step out of the office but will respond as soon as I return!
Good evening...sorry for the delay. Children around 5 and 6 years of age slowly discover that there are differences between girls and boys bodies. Because they do not quite understand the true differences and certainly do not need to know all of the details at such a young age, their curiosity causes them to touch inappropriately and say things of a sexual nature. It becomes exploratory and comical to the children as they touch, hit, etc. each other's private parts. What you can do is simply remind your son not to touch others or look at others. Whatever is covered up by clothes is personal. Try to start rewarding him if he can get through a week problem free...without any of the previously mentioned behavior. However if he seems to be manifesting the behavior more often, I would contact his teacher and make sure that the boys that he had problems with were not allowed in the restroom together. Oftentimes it is the other children at school who negatively influence our own children no matter what we try to do at home as parents. Also, you may need to ask him has any adult ever touched his private parts. However, children at this age have a very vivid imagination so you may want to reserve this question only if you have a high suspicion that something else is going on. Also, you can always contact the school psychologist who can talk to your son to see if he shows out of the ordinary signs beyond that of typical 5 and 6 year behavior.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My son attends a christian school through 8th grade and so the incident was dealt with graciously but quickly by a male VP. The boys have been told they can no longer go to the bathroom together due to their playing and dilly dallying around. However, it has been brought to my attention today that my son is still sometimes going to the bathroom as many as 6-9 times during the school time, so the frequent urination is still continuing at school. Doesn't seem to be the case as much here at home. I give him an 8 oz bottle of water for snack time and he has milk at lunch, but he seems to only take 2-3 swallows of the water and brings the rest home. He says he is drinking from the fountain at break time. Not sure if the two issues are related. He has been told from a very early age that no one should be touching his privates except the daycare provider who changed his diaper, Mommy, Daddy or Grandparents for diaper changes when younger or bath time etc...he has said that no one has ever touched him.
Hello and Thank You for responding in detail. As a teacher with many rears of experience in kindergarten, going to the bathroom at school six to nine times a day is way too much. That is about every 45 minutes each day. What your next step would be is to take him tom his pediatrician to have him evaluated. Quite possibly he does has a bladder problem. But you need to know so you can take care of the issue or rule it out completely. On the other hand, he may have anxiety issues which causes him to have the desire to use the bathroom more frequently as well. Both of those concerns should be brought up to your pediatrician. Thank you and have a beautiful day.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you so much. I will make an appt with his pediatrician. However, I feel it is probably due to anxiety as the teacher has mentioned he does this frequently when worksheets are handed out in class. I wasn't sure about the connection of playing in the bathroom, touching other's privates and the frequent urination.
It does seem that the two may be unrelated, but the frequent urination, worksheets and stress may be what is at hand here. Thank you again!
Glad to help.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My apologies in asking, but I wanted to check to see if the tip went through?
I inadvertently hit another button on the computer and I'm not sure it went through.
Thank you again.
Yes...the tip went through. Thanks again!