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What do you do with a wiggly 6 year old boy?

Resolved Question:

What do you do with a wiggly 6 year old boy?


My son is in Grade 1 and has been struggling with behaviours at school.  We expect the best of him and his teacher knows this.  We have developed checklists to give him feedback and help me to see how his day was.  BUT this is not helping him to learn.  If feel punitive, like basic training, instead of helping him to self-motivate himself.


How can I help him to want to be good? 

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  Bonnie replied 5 years ago.
Hello and thank you for consulting JA,

The behaviors you mention are part of the profile of the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. If this is true, he would have trouble controlling this because it is a biological disorder of the attention center of the brain. He can control to a point but it is very hard and is exhausting.

Talk to his GP and see whay they would recommend. It is best not to discipline but to give him strategies to enhance his attending ability and "keep his body quiet". Ultimately, though, it is medication that will control these behaviors.

Here's a list of problems and accommodations for school.

I hope this helps......good luck
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Do you have ideas beyond ADHD? He can sit still at home. Not often, but he can quietly play lego for an hour or can lay on the couch and read independently for long periods. He can handle complicated instructions and work independently...sometimes.. but it seems more like he's choosing to obsess over odd details or the calendar or anything other than what I've asked him to do. For example, when sent to brush his teeth, he'll likely be found standing on one foot, dancing around while reading a book about dinosaurs or will try to strike up a conversation about why is it both autumn and fall? It's like his brain just bounces everywhere...



I also think that little boys can be wiggly and hyper without having ADHD, don't you? Maybe he is...maybe he isn't.


I have a meeting with his teacher next week, and I'm hoping to have ideas for bring up with her. I'm scared that he's going to end up hating school, or feeling like he has to be perfect, and can't be.



Expert:  Bonnie replied 5 years ago.
The classroom accommodations can be used no matter what the diagnosis. The differential diagnosis would be Gifted and Talented (need testing to find out) or anxiety disorder or as you say...just a wiggly child. It does not sound like it is interfereing with his learning. That's good.

Here is how the ADHD diagnosis is made:
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