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My 19 yr. old went to a technical school for 9 months and got

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My 19 yr. old went to a technical school for 9 months and got a certificate in Human Services/Child Development.

She is registered on an Au Pair site and has been getting "hits" from parents around the country (mostly East and West Coast, plus the countries of Turkey and Canada.

It seems like with every family she finds an excuse not to reply to them and arrange for an interview. Excuses like: they want me to cook-- I can't cook, they seem too strict, they want me to drive in city traffic, etc.

Some of these families seem fantastic and she would learn a lot just from being in these households, let alone earning a paycheck (ave. $200 wk). I think she has poor self-esteem and just thinks she is not good enough for these parents who tend to be professionals and have high standards.

She also got a "disorderly conduct" charge in July which stems from going to a party at the vo-tech, getting drunk and actually hitting a girl. It was reduced from simple assault to disorderly conduct. She is worried the parents will do a criminal background check and cross her name off for a nanny candidate. I am trying to not be prejudice here-- I can't imagine her ever repeating this act of stupidity.

What advice should I give her about being a nanny? Or, do you personally think that the disorderly conduct charge will forever ruin her chances of working with children?
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. The best advice that you can give to your daughter about being a nanny is to be open, honest, kindhearted, sincere, and funny ( for the kids). She may want to be up front about her charge so that the families will not feel like she us hiding something. She sounds like she would do well but needs a little kick in the rear to get going. Just keep encouraging her. Jobs are hard to come by these days. If she has the opportunity to make that kind of money at her age in today's tough times, then she should go for it!
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