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my 18 year old son thinks he can stay out till 1 2 in the morning

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my 18 year old son thinks he can stay out till 1 2 in the morning during the week and sleeps till 1 in the afternoon- He just quit school at a large university-doesnt have a job and has verbal foul outbursts when I have found that he has been drinking- He decided not to come home last several nights-as I told him I was not tolerating it anymore- I told him I was going to get him help for his drinking-
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer? Are both parents living in the home? Has he always been disrespectful?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
yes both parents are at home- I just cant have him thinking i this is acceptable - maybe we have given him too much-
Hello and Thank You for responding. Legally, your son IS an adult BUT if he is to live under your roof, he must abide by the rules or find another place to live. It does sound harsh but it is that simple and called tough love. Your son has to have the desire to want to change otherwise everything will remain the same. You can sit down with him. Talk to him. Explain the house rules. If he consistently breaks them, then out the door he goes. Additionally, give him a time period of no longer than 6 months to either re enroll in school or find a job AND if possible seek treatment if he has a drinking problem that is affecting his everyday functioning. You do not have tolerate the antics of your adult child. You are still the parent. He is still the child. Furthermore, you might want to seek counseling for yourself in how to deal with an adult child in order to learn intervention and coping strategies. Your son could benefit from counseling as well but would he really go is the question.

Hope I provided you with some insight. Have a wonderful day.
proexpert37 and other Parenting Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I will thank you!
Thank you!