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Hello, Can you give some good recommendations for disciplining

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Can you give some good recommendations for disciplining a 3 year old? She started daycare/preschool in May; I don't know if she picked up bad habits there or is just going through the "terrible 3's." When she gets upset (usually b/c we say no) she hits, throws a HUGE tantrum, screams, cries, etc. We've tried time outs (she never stays put) and the usual "stand by's." Please help! Thanks! her bad behavior both at home and school?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No...just home
Hello and Thank You for responding. What you need to do is to focus on her good behavior. She enjoys the negative attention that she gets while misbehaving. Teachers in school often give way too much attention to the disobedient children. When she does have a tantrum, tell her in a stern voice getting down to her eye level NO or STOP IT and then walk her. Return after she settles down and explain to her how you expect her to behave. You can also implement a behavior modification method. When she has a great day of behavior at home, she gets a sticker for the day. After 10 stickers, and they do not have to be on consecutive days, she gets a special treat or outing. REALLY praise her when she is obedient. After several weeks, increase the number to 15.. This method should work because children like working towards a reward. The key is patience and persistence.

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