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Hi.. I work as a family support worker with a family of 2

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I work as a family support worker with a family of 2 very active boys...5 and 2 years old. The 2 year old is very curious and independent..He is always doing bad taking his clothes off and running outside naked, breaking his new toys. When his mom puts him in his room for time out, he wrecks the room by throwing his bedding on the floor, throwing his toys all over the room. She does make him clean the room up. He just laughs at her. He is now pooping in his room and smearing it all over everything. He thinks it is funny. She makes him clean it up but he, of course, does not do a good job. When talking to him about it he just laughs and is not remorseful.. What might be going on in his head? and what can we do about his behavior..
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. Nobody knows exactly what is going on in the 2 year olds head but he is simply enjoying the attention for his negative actions like the poop all over his room. He is obviously very frustrated about things in his young life and expresses his anger by ruining his room. To help improve his behavior, start focusing on the positive actions and ignore some of the negative. REALLY praise him when he does something well. Keep a sticker chart. After 5 stickers, he receives a small special treat or reward. After a several weeks of 5 stickers, change it to 10. Children like working for a reward. This should help but it must be consistent and you must be patient. When he does misbehave, get down on his level and look him in the eye. Use 1 syllable words in short sentences to get points of displeasure across. Example: I don't like that your room is not clean. Clean it up now! Then if he is able to talk, ask him what is making him mad. Additionally, play therapy with a psychologist or counselor should be used as an intervention technique.

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