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I really dont know what to do with my son. He likes to challeng

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I really don't know what to do with my son. He likes to challenge and blackmail me. Just today he did not go to school today because I turned is texting off for being disrespectful to me. He does not want to listen and he challenges me all the time. He's not a violent person but has an "I don't care attitude". Likes to hang out with his friends all the time. Does not put any effort in school whatsoever. He will be 17 in 3 weeks. His father is no help. We have been divorced for 13 yrs and disrespects me as well. Does not want to hear me complain. What should I do? I want him to go to counseling to see what's going on but I know he won't go. I also know he is doing drugs (weed). I have caugh him high few times. And sometimes drinks just to fit in. He has confesed this to me because I have confronted him. Please help!
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. How long has you son been acting in these manners?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

He's always been a little stubborn but is has been acting more like this since he change from schools in his junior year. He was only 14.

Hello and Thank You for responding. Since you state that your son will not go to counseling, then you can utilize the services at his school site. Contact the school psychologist and his counselor and let them know what is going on. They will be able to pull your son from one of his classes and meet with him. There will be no way out of meeting with those individuals. Even if you son just sits there and listens with a nonchalant attitude, he will receive valuable information about peer pressure and relations from the psychologist and the true value and importance of academics from the counselor. On the other hand, he may open up to the psychologist and counselor. However so that your son will not be shocked, tell him beforehand that you will be conferencing with such individuals. On the home front, you need to be more assertive and punish him for any rude and disrespectful behavior as well as inappropriate actions. Tell him what you expect. Set limits and boundaries. If he crosses the line, limit his time with friends. Take the cell phone, computer, and video games away. He has to earn them back by behaving. One positive thing is that your son seems somewhat honest with you. That is a good sign.

Hope this has helped. Have a great day!
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