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Debra Thal
Debra Thal, Parent
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I am Canadian but live in Holland with my Dutch husband. We

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I am Canadian but live in Holland with my Dutch husband. We want out son (born April 2011) to be bilingual in both English and Dutch. I inially like the 'one parent, one language' method but my husband is away from home for 6 days and then home for 5 (rotation). Is there a modified method that could be used in our case?

Debra Thal (username) :

This is on the Canada law list.

Debra Thal (username) :

I don't see why it relates to Canada law.

Debra Thal (username) :

Does it?

JACUSTOMER-d5y6oa8m- : Strange, I had selected 'Parenting'. Will resubmit.
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