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My son who is six has some issues that concern me. He can often

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My son who is six has some issues that concern me. He can often go off daydreaming into his own little world. To get him started and focused on his homework is a monumental task and he keeps checking and asking when he shall finish. He has problems keeping emotions in check and cries for issues that his four year old brother would not cry about. If he loses something whether his or someone else's that was in his care he becomes almost hysterical and wails inconsolably. He has very many fears, like he feared swimming and nothing would get him into the water. Once he started, though, he started wanting to swim everyday and in no time could swim very well. He hates having to do homework and during weekends can wake up very early to watch Television and can do so a whole day.
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. How long has your son been manifesting such behaviors? Thank you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ever since he could talk. He seems to have problems expressing himself, rather, he tends to be overcome with emotions and cries almost hysterically.
How does he perform at school?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
His handwriting is bad, he is a bit behind in his classwork, he starts off very slow but after sometime he is able to catch up. However as he goes up and the work becomes harder he is finding it harder and harder to catch up.
Your son may need to be further evaluated by his pediatrician and also a psychologist. It sounds like he is showing some signs of ADD/ADHD which a medical professional can diagnose. It is hard for him to focus on tasks at hand. He is interested in things that he wants to do and not what should be done. He also may have some learning disabilities which can be caused by ADD/ADHD. Please follow up with a visit to his pediatrician. Thank you.Laughing
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