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Our daughter is two, when she was about 18 months we put her

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Our daughter is two, when she was about 18 months we put her into a "toddler bed" and because she kept coming out at night my husband suggested we lock her in her room. Normally it took only a few mins and sometimes we didn't even do it. We always unlocked it the minute she was asleep.
Okay she has been teething and two night she screamed and smashed the door when it was locked and we knew she was over tired. I felt horrible about doing this but my husband thinks I am too much of a softy.
A week ago she refuse to sleep in her room and freaks when we go towards the door so I started to let fall asleep in our bed, when she was teething it was easier for mom to sleep with her and have Dad sleep in her bed.

My husband and I are on a different page I think we screwed up by locking the door that is why she won't sleep in her bed anymore and freaks out. I even tried to leave her door ajar but she is coming out before I even get to the door. My only other thought it getting a new bedroom door with glass..

What do i do? I don't want to tramatize my daughter but I sleep like poop with her. How do I fix this?
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. I am sorry to hear about the sleeping problems with your daughter. Closing the door completely at night is a little drastic because your daughter will feel alienated and scared. You can try putting up a toddler gate...but make sure that there are no objects that she can use to climb up over the gate. Put glow in the dark stars on the walls and the ceiling for her to look at. Give her a special blanket or doll for comfort that she uses only at night. Play classical or other soft music to soothe her to sleep. Try these suggestions for a while. If they do not work after a week or two, contact us for more suggestions.Laughing
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