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Is my toddler gifted or smart My toddler is 16 mo old and

Resolved Question:

Is my toddler gifted or smart? My toddler is 16 mo old and he seems advanced in his gross and fine motor skills. Today he saw the hose pipe wrapped up hanging on the wall and the spray nozzle on a little shelf next to it. He grabbed the nozzle and tried putting it on the end of the hose pipe. The only time he has seen the nozzle on the hose pipe was able 2-3 weeks ago when it was laying outside and I sprayed his feet with it to play. Then tonight my husband took off his watch and put it on his end table. My toddler picked up the watch and put it on his arm and tried to clasp it together. He watches us put the computer charger plug into our laptops and this weekend he put the end of the charger into the computer to plug it in without assistance. He kept plugging it in and taking it back out. He can throw things in the trash can when asked. He always wants to help no matter what you are doing. He helps take the recycle bin out to the garage to empty it. He seems to understand that certain things go together. His favorite thing to do is put caps on empty water bottles and he is getting to the point that he can start screwing it on. He always wants to put lids on containers, etc.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 6 years ago.
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. Your son is obviously very observant and is learning through imitation. Thus, he is intelligent or smart. It is rather difficult to ascertain if he is gifted just by the actions that you have described as well as his young age. As he gets older and becomes more curious, questions certain answers, thinks outside of the box, then signs of giftedness may manifest themselves.
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