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Hello JA, my girlfriend seems to be having a difficult time

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Hello JA, my girlfriend seems to be having a difficult time communicating with her 15 year old son. She is a single parent. Does not work. Needs to stay home and take care of her mom who is on kidney dialysis and needs a kidney transplant. Then she has me and I am 22 years older than her. My girlfriend recently switched from being a lesbian to having myself as a lover. Her son gets along great with his grandmother. These are the facts as I know them and want to give you as much information as possible. Also, her son seems to dislike black people and is interested in the German culture. Thanks, Dave
HelloCustomer Thank you for using Just Answer. What are the specific problems that you see with regards XXXXX XXXXX communication between your girlfriend and her son? Is he a behavior problem? Is he out in the streets with friends all of the time? Is he disrespectful? What race is he...just curious because you mentioned the black people/German culture issue. Thank you!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Just seems rebelious towards his mom. He is not out at all hours. Stays in his room with Xbox and computer. Very intelligent kid. He is White. Russian and peruvian.

His behavior is completely normal. He is at an awkward stage of being a teenager and trying to be a grown up. A 15 year old boy thinks they know everything about anything and will challenge just about anything their parents may say.


Your girlfriend needs to clamp down and establish rules/regulations/boundaries. Also, her son needs to be aware of consequences if the rules are broken. It all boils down to effective parenting skills, not being afraid to discipline your own child, and always remaining the authoritative figure.


Additionally, staying is his room and playing computer games may not be the best choice of activity especially if he is playing the violent games like Call of Duty.



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