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I recently re-married to a lady. Her ex-husband was about

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I recently re-married to a lady. Her ex-husband was about 6'5" tall. I am 5'8". The problem is that my son is 17 and 5'7" and her son is 14 and 6'2". He bullies my son and my son is embarrassed about it, but his stepbrother can truly win a fight because of his size. What is even more upsetting is that my stepson tries to bully ME too whenever I try to discipline him in any way. He will come up really close to me and look down on me and call me "little man." I'm actually a bit afraid of him since he towers me and has such a temper, but I try not to show it. My wife thinks it's kind of funny that her son is so much bigger than me and my son, and she doesn't feel that her son is being disrespectful. During the year that my wife and I were dating prior to getting married, our sons only met briefly for a few times. I'm thinking that we should have had more occasions for them to be together for longer times so that this behavior would have come to light. What can I now do?

Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. I am sorry to hear about the bullying problems but no matter how tall or short you are, you must have the courage to stand up to the 14 year old. You are the parent. Tell your stepson that you are not going to tolerate any disrespectful language or actions in the household. Your wife needs to back you up on this as well. Even if he does confront you and tower over you in hopes of frightening you with his size, lay down the rules and boundaries of the household. Enforce consequences if he continues to call you "little man". Take away his phone, limit computer, tv, and video game time, limit time with friends, etc. That kind of disrespectful language should not be tolerated. It will only get worse as he gets older. Also, if he continues to bully your son, tell your son to stand up for himself without getting physical. Nobody in your household should be afraid of this 14 year old and walk around the house on eggshells. He needs to be put in his place.


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