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Is it wrong to ask my 26 daughter to move out because she was

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Is it wrong to ask my 26 daughter to move out because she was not responsible in cleaning the house and my husband couldn't take it?
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. Was there anything else that caused friction beteween your husband and your daughter besides the cleaning issue?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
She doesn't like when I tell her to do something. My husband from my second marriage is a neat person and likes to have a clean home. Even her bedroom. She left yesterday when I ask her to leave. She feels he doesnt like her, but thats not the case. She is lazy. I love her and now she has to learn how to take charge of her life. She feels like im taking sides. But I'm not my husband doesnt have an appetite. He's losing weight and smoking more. I have to also be considerate of his health too. It so simple but she wont do it. And that is to contribute to cleaning the house.
So it sounds like your daughter is not relating well to you or your husband at this point? Does she work or go to school? Do you support her in any way financially?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No - she has a full-time job and she was living with her boyfriend - but now she moved back in with him until the lease is up in november. My other daughter called me today and express how she and Lena (the one who was ask to leave) cried so much - because she didnt want me to get married to my husband. Meanwhile my ex-husband lives his life privately with his wife. I guess I let them have to much say so. I have to get my live back. and treat my daughters with boundaries..
Hello and Thank You for responding. In order to get your life back on the right track, you must make your 26 year old move out. There is too much friction between her and your husband which will in turn cause friction between you and your husband. When she lives with you, she has it easy. She can be messy and not contribute to the upkeep of the house since it is not her house in the first place. Do not keep enabling your daughter. Force her to be in control of her life and make her own decisions . She is an adult. It is time to be mature and act like a mature adult in every way, shape, and form by not living with you.
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