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My 18 year old nephew, failed two years of school. He can

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My 18 year old nephew, failed two years of school.
He can understand things just fine. However he can not read or speak properly.
He has trouble pronouncing and he doesn't know the meaning of several words an 18 year old should know, like "efficient", "lucrative". He can't pronounce words like "economy", "versatile" and "inflation".

I have him repeat this words slowly a few times, eventually he can pronounce them properly.

I believe this is his parents fault. They raised him to be a failure.
He has 3 issues that I know so far:
1. He is not good at school.
2. He doesn't speak properly.
3. He couldn't take a pill. (like aspirin or a vitamin).

He staying at my house for his vacation for the first time. He told me he hasn't taken a pill in 18 years. He came with his mom (my sister) she said it was true and she would tell the doctors not to give him pill cause he couldn't take them.
My sister went back to her home already, my nephew is still here at my house.
The other day it took me 32 minutes, but I was able to help him take a pill, now he takes daily vitamins without me asking him too. (after 18 years of not taking any)

I began having him reading a book outlook to help him talk, learn and understand a few words. At first it was very difficult, he wouldn't pronounce some words, and he would rush through some words, he would pronounce a word with an "r" but the word didn't have an "r" on it. Now it has gotten a little better. But I'm concern if I'm doing the right thing. I didn't know his problem was so severed.
He plays football very well and goes to the gym almost every day.
I know contrary to his parents and the rest of my family that he's not a fool, or suffers from mental retardation.
He has taking speech classes before.

What should I do? This is heartbreaking cause I believe all his issues should have been addressed from he was little.
I think his parents set him up to fail. It seems like some form of "Munchhausen by proxy".
My sister does need psy-help. He was seen by a doctor a few years back, she has refused to take the treatment.
1. Suicidal thoughts
2. Living in a soap opera world.
3. Border line personalities.
4. Dissociation behavior.
5. Denial. etc...

I find it hard to believe parents would do this to their own kid. It seems criminal...
I do understand that my sister is not well therefore her parenting never was.

How can I help my nephew?
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. Is your nephew still in school (high school)? Thank you!!!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes he is. He also plays football and goes to the gym.
Has your nephew ever been tested for any learning disability?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No he has not.
Unfortunately, your nephew has slipped through the cracks of the educational system. I am very saddened to hear that this has happened. But by law, your nephew's parents or guardians can write a letter to the school stating that he has academic and speech difficulties and that you would like testing done to see if there are any leaning difficulties or speech impediments that have hindered his academic performance. If he has always performed in such a manner and not one teacher ever mentioned anything about being tested, then that is very disgraceful. After a series of tests, the results will be discussed and necessary actions will be taken to assist your nephew based on the test results. Once a parent or guardian requests testing, there are time limits in which things must be accomplished. Parents have more power than they realize but are often not told of their rights. Hope this helps and provides you and your family with the necessary steps to take. If you need more assistance, just ask. Have a wonderful afternoon.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My Nephew lives in another Estate. Do you think we can have him tested here in Virginia?

He's parents have left him down in so many ways, it should be criminal.

Thanks for your reply.
Your nephew can be tested in ANY state!!!!

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