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My daughter is 19,she is very,very messy,her room is big mess

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My daughter is 19,she is very,very messy,her room is big mess and smell.She is always late,always something loose (very often mobile).I can`t tell her nothing,because "I bully her".She is eating too much,last 4 years she is +20 kg.She is very fine with friends,in the school,good student,very helpful,but never helped to me.Always is in her room or going outside.I think she needs help,but she is not speaking with me too much,she does not want to tell me her problems.It is last 2 years.But she loves me,she has my photo on her mobile screen.I would like help her,I love her so much.
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are having with your daughter. You seem to be a very concerned and attentive parent. With regards XXXXX XXXXX daughter's room, maybe you can suggest that you and her help clean it up together. With regards XXXXX XXXXX being late to places, remind her of her time deadlines and even take her to places early if possible so she learns the importance of promptness.Iif she is eating too much at home, limit the junk foods available and have lots of healthy foods on hand. If she is not spending much time with you, suggest that you and her to see a move, go out to lunch, go shopping, etc. If she refuses to talk to you right now, write her a heartfelt letter expressing your true feelings so that she can refer to it later. Additionally, you may want to suggest that you and her receive family counseling together because you are concerned about the distance between the two of you. A counselor could provide both of you intervention and coping strategies in how to more positively relate to each other. Your daughter is an adult but is not acting in mature manners. It is time for her to grow up on all areas of her life but she needs your guidance to do so. Thank you. Hope this helps!!! have a great day.Laughing
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Everything I did,I cleaned her room self,we did it together,we went to shopping,but she has not time now,she has too much activities.I know,I must be always redy for her,but sometimes I am tired.When she come from school,after food she is going to sleep,becouse she is tired.When she woke up,she started to learn and home activities (computer,dvd,music).Is late night ,so i am sleeping.She is going to bed at 2-3am and morning before school is terrible time,stresfull,rush.
Do you think that she is taking advantage of her situation and has life too easy at home? If so, suggest that she move out. As long as she is in your house, she must abide by the rules of the house no matter what age she is. Otherwise, you will be manipulated and nothing will ever change.
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