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I h ave a 27 yr old stepdaughter who stills lives at home,

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I h ave a 27 yr old stepdaughter who stills lives at home, treats me with O respect in front of her father and he allows it. He raised her by himself from 4 yrs old. She is very spoiled, lazy and lies every day to not only her dad and me but any and everyone. I think her dad is afraid of her. She is 5 10 and very overweight. I am 4 11 and little, well alittle stocky too. I weigh 128 to 138. She has pushed me around three times in 10 yrs. He blames me. She busts thru our bedroom door and again thu my office door the last time. Finially I bopped her under her chin and pulled her hRair to my waist to detain her untill her father came running to her cries "OH LET ME GO... LET ME GO..." Though he said he didn't hear me call him twice when she shoved me up against our bedposts.
Misty Rose Jenkins is her name birthdate is, 2-20-1984. Her mother was diagnosed with schistzaphrinia ( now hows that for spelling ?) years ago, since than she took out her left eye while driving drunk after fighting with Misty over the phone. Misty now takes care of her mom maybe 2 days a week for about 1,000 a month. She pays for NOTHING!!
Her check is for her car insurance, gas, ciggeretts, drugs, and fast foods.

The thing that freaks me out is that I left for one year and we met at hotels and I would go back and forth. Never REALLY left I guess. All he could say is just come home babe. After being gone working more than full time, seeing a therapist for a year, I have learned many things about myself, my husband, Bill and Misty. It's scarey. I really believe that this girl has what her mom has and her father is and probably has been aware of it for many years. He gives her what she wants to keep piece in his mind for a minute. Otherwise she is ill or throwing a trantrum or threatening that he'll never see her again.

Since I have been home the only one that has made any changes is Kim. I love my husband dearly but he is a different person when she is around. Out of ten years together she has been gone maybe two off and on. Is there any hope here or am I fighting a loosing battle. My birthday is XXXXX and my husbands is 1-22-1962.

I don't trust the two of them. Maybe because he hides it when he gives her money which is all the time. therefor he in not honest with me. How much more do I have to wonder about. I am a fighter and I don't give up easy. But there comes a time when you gotta just buck up and start over. Boy is that scarey these days. Please Help!!!

Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. There are a few options:1. You and your husband and step daughter need to all sit down and have an open and honest communication session. Allow everyone to speak and try to come up with reasonable solutions to problems without becoming angry. 2. All of the same members involved should attempt to seek family counseling/therapy together. 3. Press charges against your step daughter if she assaults you but this may cause even more friction. 4. Separate from your husband for a while. 5. Request that the daughter move out. She is using her dad to her advantage and he is enabling her to continue to act as disrespectful as ever. I hope that I have provided some insight. Your will have to decide what to do and what you can truly live with in order to be happy and have positive relationships. Right now, you are dealing with a husband and step daughter that you do not trust, a husband who suppots his daughter over you, and a step daughter who has many emotional and physically aggressive issues.


Have a good day and hang in there.Laughing

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