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When my sisters youngest daughter was baptized 21 years ago,

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When my sister's youngest daughter was baptized 21 years ago, I was asked to be the sponsor, as the child's grandmother could not be present. I was only to happy to accept.Before leaving for the church, my sister took me into her kitchen and said " I just want to make it perfectly are not Caroline's are only her sponsor. " She then told me that her mother in law was Godmother to all 3 of her children. I said I understood and the day turned out to be a very happy occasion. Last Halloween, my niece, who now works in retail, wanted to dress up as Cinderella, where she worked. I spent several hours searching vintage clothing shops before finally surprising her with the perfect dress. She was thrilled. I was shocked, however, when shortly after, my niece stated " wow..this is really something...Cinderella's Godmother found her the perfect dress, and now my Godmother has found me mine..." I found out shortly after wards, that my brothers and sisters have all been Godparents to my sister's other children for the past 25 years, and that my niece has grown up thinking that I was her Godmother. When I expressed my confusion to my sister, and reminded her of her conversation with me 21 years ago in her kitchen, she said " I don't remember..." For the past 6 months I have kept all of this to myself, but now I don't know what to I tell my niece that I am not her Godmother, that on the day of her baptism her mother made it clear I was only standing in for her grandmother, or do I say nothing, and let me niece go on thinking that for the past 21years I have never acknowledged she was my Godchild? I do not want to hurt my niece.
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. Ask your sister again "Who is her daughter's Godmother?" She needs to tell you if she considers you the Godmother or not. Do not confront the neice. You need to straighten this entire situation out with your sister first. You should not keep the situation swept under the rug because it is causing you some emotional distress. Let me know if you need more advice.
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