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Im having an issue with my in-laws babysiting. They babysit

Resolved Question:

I'm having an issue with my in-laws babysiting. They babysit by 14 month old for half a day on Fridays. Normally he naps in the afternoons for at least an hour, usually two. On the other days of the week, he has his nap anytime between 1-4, and is never asleep later than 4. We have a routine and he's very good at going to sleep, and is happy and awake for dinner and good to go for an 8pm bedtime. When the inlaws babysit, they don't put him down for a nap. I give instructions each time.. "so, will want his nap between 2 and 230.. it works well when we read him a story in the rocking chair, put him in his crib, say goodnight to his animals, and walk out'. They don't listen and try to have him fall asleep in their arms, or stand over his crib watching him fall asleep (which just gets him excited). The afternoon nap always fails. Then when I get home, I'm stuck with an overtired baby who desperately wants to sleep and is practically inconsolable until bedtime. If things get desperate I'll put him down for a nap anyway, which ruins our Friday night because he then needs a much later bed time. Anyway, this is long winded.. but I need advice on how to get my inlaws to listen to help my son get his nap.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 6 years ago.
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. I am sorry to hear about the difficulties that you are having with your in-laws. They are probably just so happy and elated to be spending time with their grandchild. No matter how many times you remind them to put your son down for a nap at the appropriate time, they may never give in. You may be fighting a losing battle. They are older and set in their ways and have their own mind sets on how things should be done. You can keep reminding them and hope that one day they will comply. Maybe your husband can step in and tell them as well about the importance of sticking to a schedule. Even ask them why they are not sticking to the schedule that you have provided. If you need more advice, just ask!!!
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