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thank you. I praise my 13 y/o when he does well in school,

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thank you. I praise my 13 y/o when he does well in school, but often that very same day he receives a bad grade for something else--this happens regularly. I praise him for the good grade, but how do I punish him for the bad grade?
When your son gets the bad grade, have him first offer an explanation of why he thinks he received the bad grade? Was it due to a lack of studying? Was it due to a lack of not understanding the information? See if you can discover the cause. If he is truly not understanding the material, give him the benefit of the doubt and outside assistance may be necessary such as a tutor or additional assistance from the teacher. On the other hand, if he manifests a lackadaisacal attitude about his low performance, have him do something related to that subject, more research, extra problems that you can help with, etc. With regards XXXXX XXXXX and punishments together, I think this system may work for your son because he has such inconsistent grades. You can use a point system. For example..set a goal of 100 points and keep track on a chart. When he reaches that goal, he gets a BIG game or whatever he likes. For good grades, he earns five points and for bad grades you subtract 3 points. Whatever the reward is should be something that he REALLY wants. Then after a while you can alter it to after 3 good grades he gets 5 points and after 3 bad grades he loses 10 points. Change it up for some excitement.
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