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I have a daughter in kindergarten who is a very sociable girl

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I have a daughter in kindergarten who is a very sociable girl in all aspects of her life. She's been mentioning a little too frequently lately that other kids in her class don't want to play with her. I was wondering what ways can I facilitate making her more interesting for other kids to want to play with her. I hate to mention this, but she's African-American. I just want to hope kids don't see color at that age.

Hello...I am assuming that the other children in your daughter's class are not African American. It is important that you brought this to the teacher's attention. You would not think that children in kindergarten would be aware of ethnicity but they are. They are aware of the fact just based on skin color. However nowadays, you would be amazed as to what parents allow their children to be exposed to and what they are telling their children about different races. The world just simply is not the same.


Nonetheless to assist your daughter in becoming more interesting to other children, she has to appeal to their likings to get them to want to talk to her and include her in activities. The number one way is to have a birthday party at school if allowed...well actually a birthday celebration with cupcakes and punch. If her birthday has already passed, you can bring in treats to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Spring/Easter, or any other important school event.


With regards XXXXX XXXXX again, if there is snack time, have her bring her snack but also a little more that she can share with friends. Some kids never bring snacks and will flock to her.


If your daughter does not have to wear a uniform, have her wear a shirt/top with some interesting characters that kids like. She can even have a backpack or lunch bag with the same characters. Even fancy shoes with the lights will do the trick. Notebooks and folders work well too. This will get the kids to "Ooh" and "Aah".


Additionally, if allowed, she can bring in her own fancy crayons and or pencils to use. Believe me, the other kids will want to share with her.


Furthermore, make sure that she is not purposely isolating herself from activities. She has to participate in class and play with the other kids during outside play activities. The teacher can monitor this as well.


If you need more assistance, just ask. Give these things a try. They should work!!! I have been teaching in elementary school for a long time and I know what kids like.


Of course all of the things that I have mentioned should not be done all at once..just sprinkle them in here and there so as not to be so obvious to the teacher. When the kids start including your daughter into their activities, she will gain more self confidence.


Let me know if you need more suggestions. Have a great evening!!!!Laughing





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