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My daughter is 16 and refuses therapy for her eating disorder,

Customer Question

My daughter is 16 and refuses therapy for her eating disorder, which is a combination of binging (but not purging) and skimping - hating herself when she binges, but setting herself up every day by skimping. She hasn't allowed me to prepare food for her since about 9th grade because she doesn't trust me to keep the calories low. She's incredibly stressed out, preparing for college. Her free-floating anxiety has taken the form of fear of vampires (2nd grade), fear of intruders (4th and 5th grade), fear she would kill herself (while her father and I were separating in 7th grade - different from a DESIRE to kill herself, just a fear that she would), and, since about the end of 7th grade, fear of calories, I guess. She's in the gifted program at school, 3 AP classes, has never gotten a B in a class, wants to major in drama because it's the only area that inspires her, she's so, so tired of the drudgery of school, but she never gets leads in her school plays. She worries that she's not good at anything but school, but now hates school. I dragged her to several psychologists - one specializing in anxiety - in 7th grade, but finally gave up because she didn't want to go so strongly that she would alternately intimidate, lie to (and she is a very honest person), and refuse to speak to the psychologists. I suppose I did her a disservice in giving up. I see that you are 5.5 hours away from us. Can you recommend anyone near Ambler, PA?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 6 years ago.
Hello...Your daughter would probably be more comfortable seeing a female psychologist. Give Dr. Judith Farber a call. She is located in Ambler, PA. She is a psychologist and deals with several issues including ALL of the issues that your daughter has experienced. She has over 20 years of experience. Her number is 215-995-1017. Hope this helps.