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Good Afternoon, My name is Bob. On Sunday 9 days ago my partner

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Good Afternoon,
My name isXXXXX 9 days ago my partner of 7 years (unmarried) walked out of our home and took our 4yo daughter with her. Everything was fine until she had a left side brain operation for epilepsy. Since then (7 months) she refuses any touching or togetherness of any sort; moved out of our bedroom and has become paranoid over all sorts of things; she starts vicious hateful communications with me and literally hates me. I am very fearful of the safety issues surrounding my daughter, particularly when my ex is driving. She was banned from driving for 15 months but recently regained her license on promising her doctors that the surgery worked and she hasn't had any seizures since surgery. I know for a fact that is not true. I have witnessed her having minors before she moved out of the bedroom and she did tell me that she was having some minors throughout the day. My Questions: because the steps of firstly finding where she is living with our daughter, then setting up and attending mediation which she will sabotage, then going to Family Court for resolution will take time, how can I arrange to see my daughter in the meantime?
If you are unable to arrange a visitation schedule with your ex amicably, then you have no other choice but to involve the legal system so that she will be forced to comply. Additionally, if you fear for your daughter's safety due to your wife's medical condition, you can always make a report to your local Department of Child and Family Social Services and they can investigate the issue further.
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