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My 5 yr old son, just started prep this year and his behaviour

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My 5 yr old son, just started prep this year and his behaviour towards other children has become aggressive, he is biting and slapping others. He is the only child living at home, and he is not normally like this, although can get argumentative when he doesn't get his own way. What advice can you give me. Also I have split from his father, who is living interstate, and doesn't converse with him often.
Hello...How long ago did you split up from your son's dad? Have you talked with your son's teachers? Have you gone to observe your son at school?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have been separated over 12 months, and recently started a new relationship. My new partner and my son get on very well. Also I have spoken to the teacher and she has set out a programme for him. She keeps notes in a folder of the choices he makes, red green orange. I have set up a chart myself at home, to encourage him to do some chaws and help with making his school lunch in the morning. plus a few things in the afternoon, and then I read to him before he goes to sleep.
If we have a good week I give him a reward of his choice or pocket money (a couple of dollars).
His father who lives interstate, does not call him frequently, and this does not appear to bother him, as he doesn't ask about his father at all.
I hope this is of some assistance to you to advise me in my problem with his behaviour.
With thanks
Since the problem is happening at school, you must assume that something is bothering him at school. Is he being bullied by other children? Does he have any friends at school? A behavior management program at school and at home have been implemented which is definitely a step in the right direction. However, your son must be taught not to be so aggressive with his fellow classmates. To help him understand the right and wrong ways to play, you could role play some scenarios with him of typical school situations. You can act as your son in an aggressive manner as your son acts like another student. Then ask your son what would be a more appropriate way to act in the situation. If he does not know, tell him. Additionally, you can discuss what makes a good friend. Then explain to him the importance of being a good friend and how it makes everybody happy. If you need further suggestions, let me know.
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