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I am an alcoholic mother with three beautiful children who

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I am an alcoholic mother with three beautiful children who just went through a divorce where my husband and I have split custody. I have had on and off sobriety and recently slipped when I was supposed to have them over for the night. I immediatlely went home, knowing I couldn't take them with me and had them stay with their au pair. I am trying to decide if we can all ever be healthy or are they better off with me out of their lives?
Are you continuing to attend AA meetings now?
Alcoholism is a disease. Think about your children. What if your few relapses turn into several relapses and then the shared custody of your children is in jeopardy? You must believe that your family will be healthy and that the children NEED YOU in their lives as their loving mother. Have those positive thoughts. Try reading The Secret about believing positive thoughts and The Laws of Attraction and how your life can change.The author is Rhonda Byrne. It is an awesome book and can transform you. Also, if you are or even are not religious, then try going to church and join a support group which will be less expensive than seeing a psychologist or family therapist. Believe in yourself and YOU CAN DO IT and have the life that you desire more than you realize.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, I regularly attend AA meetings.
Alcoholism is psychological as well as a physical disease. You have to believe that you can escape from the clutches of drinking. You even stated that you have THREE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN. They need you in their lives. You can be a role model for them. Stay on the right path in this journey of life. Develop a different mind set that you are and will always be an important part in their lives. Do not turn your back on your children.
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