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My 6yr old is constantly telling me she loves me to the point

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My 6yr old is constantly telling me she loves me to the point of obnoxiousness, I ALWAYS tell her that I love her too. I dont think I'm a distant parent, I do things with her, go places together, we are close but somethmes I wish she'd slow down on the number of times she says it. Then I say to myself "someday I'll miss that and just let her say it" but I guess my question would be: have I somehow made her feel insecure that she has to do this? is it a sign of insecurity? and should I just let her continue?? Thanks
Hello my friend....Thank you for using Just Answer. Just wondering: Are you a single parent? Has there been a recent death in the family? Has there been the death of a pet recently? is your daughter an only child? Has your daughter seen anything on tv about missing/kidnapped/abducted children? How does your daughter behave at school? Thank you!!!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hello, no i'm not a single parent infact my dtr has been a little mean to my husband at times but he perserveres (sp?) and she looks forward to him coming home from work or spending time with him esp when she knows I'm at the end of my day!! I have another child, a 16yr old son, and they get along also. She can occas be a little mean spirited to husband and son and did have an issue with a girl at school in Sept, she was a new kid and accd'ing to the teacher "Katherine just didnt know where to place this new girl" ??? The teacher says she's ok at school, no problems out of the usual.

I do work, but only 3 days/week also. I dont believe she has seen anything on TV, but who knows? I do talk to her about staying near me when we are out or she can't do things alone outside for fear of abduction but she hasnt verbalized to me that she's scared.

You never know what kids talk about at school. A classmate may have parents going through a divorce and might have said, "My mommy and daddy don't love each other and so my mommy is leaving." Who knows but kids interpret words differently than adults do.


She may be experiencing separation anxiety which can be common at her age. Her constantly telling you that she loves you is her way of saying...Mommy do not ever leave me because I love you so much. She just wants to be reassured that you love her as well. If her constantly telling you that she loves you is continuing to bother you, then tell her to draw a picture about it or write some sentences in her own 6 year old creative way. Then display her pictures and writings around the house and explain to her that those things will remind you of how much she loves you so she does not need to say it all of the time. That should work miracles!!!! Let me know. Thank you. Have a great day.

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