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My son is in kindergarten and every month they have a Star

Resolved Question:

My son is in kindergarten and every month they have a "Star Student" award. There are no defined metrics for this award. It is supposed to be based on "hard work". My son hasn't won yet - another child has won twice - and he's very upset about it. He has questioned his abilities and doesn't understand why he's not perceived as working hard. I've spoken with another mother whose son has actually won one month and she said her son is still upset every month he doesn't win. I brought up my concerns to the kindergarten teacher and the principal and they're going to "sit me down" and try to convince me why this is a good program. Do you think it is? And...if not...besides for the lack of metrics, why not? p.s. There are nine students in his kindergarten class.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 6 years ago.

Hello my friend.....Thank you for using Just Answer. Many schools have some type of award and recognition ceremony for various accomplishments. However, there does need to be stated criteria as to how a child can acquire an award so that he/she knows what to do to receive the award. Otherwise, the teacher should just pull names out of a hat. If the award in based on hard work and your son is working hard in any academic area, then he should receive the award at some point. With only 9 students in the class and a typical school year is 10 months, then he should be receiving the award in time.


You have every right as a parent to question the criteria for receiving an award. The teacher and administration may view you as a pushy and annoying parent but you need answers.


Competition among young children has its negative and positive aspects but at a young age in kindergarten, the teacher must make sure to "spread the wealth around."


Hope this has helped. If you need more assistance, please ask. Have a great day!!!

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