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My granddaughter Joy is 6 months old - she will only nurse

Resolved Question:

My granddaughter Joy is 6 months old - she will only nurse for a few minutes each feeding and then stop - she is very active and must be nursed in a quiet darkened room , otherwise loses attention - my daughter has been pumping extra to maintain her milk supply during this time of very short feeds - even when nursing Joy will break on and off and move her arms and legs all over - my daughter would like to nurse her for several more months and is very committed to it. she drinks lots of fluids and is trying to get rest- my daughter is concerned whether she is getting enough nutrition from only a few minutes of nursing a few times a day - (has started solids this week as well but this has been going on for several weeks. If she has nursed within the past couple of hours, she will not go on again. Any ideas how to encourage Joy to nurse longer and a little more focused?

Grandma Heather
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  Bonnie replied 6 years ago.
Hi and thanks for coming to JA with your question,
Is Joy gaining weight appropriately with breast milk only? Is she sleeping all night? Does she nurse at night or sleep with mother?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

1. She appears to be gaining weight appropriately. We don't have access to accurate scales but she was at 90th percentile at last physician's visit - was 7 lb - 10 oz. at birth - was 16 1/2 pounds a few weeks ago - looks healthy - good turgor of skin - several wets - maybe 6-7 each day (although diapers seem less soaked) and 2-3 BMs each day. Solids were started this week, a few days ago - just starting with 1 oz. until next week - this doesn't seem to have changed Joy's action at the breast


2. Now,for the last few weeks, she usually sleeps 10 -12 hours per night - sometimes with one feed in the middle.


3. Originally she was in bed with her parents, then in a cradle beside them. Now, she sleeps in her own crib. It takes about an hour of quiet routine in the evening to calm her so that she does now go to sleep well. - her tendency is to get overstimulated, watching everything that is happening and then has a hard time unwinding.


Grandma Heather




Expert:  Bonnie replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for the information. Since she has a normal weight gain and normal night sleeping pattern, You daughter does not need to worry about adequate nutrition (provided she is taking a vitamin supplement of at least Vit A, D and C.). Joy is a very efficient nurser although not very calm. She is getting the right amount of calories and fluid based upon her weight and lack of signs of dehydration (which you described well).

I hope this helps to allay any anxiety.
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