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Bonnie, Psychologist
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  and pediatric nurse practitioner with 30 years of experience counseling parents.
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Why does my son act this way,and what can be done to stop this

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Why does my son act this way,and what can be done to stop this bad behavior?All he has been diagnoised with so far is adjustment disorder.
Hi, What are his bad behaviors?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hitting,kicking,punching other students at school,and he has done this to adults to such as teachers,and even the school Principal.He recently tripped his teacher,then said ha ha I tripped you,More than once I have heard he has been told to not do something,and does it anyway on purpose.He also recently cut a little girls hair with scissors.He is very disruptive in his classes,and gets physical when he doesn't get his way at school,yet he does act this way at home.He doesn't listen to others as well in the home as his future adoptive Mom,but he doesn't act no where near like that at home.He has been my foster child for 15 months,and was taken away from his birth Mom at age 3 1/2,his relationship with her was not good during when she visited him sporadically,but now we are in the process of adopting him.
He is displaying the symptoms of Oppositional Defiant Disorder but since he is also going through a separation from his mother he could be suffering Reactive Attachment Disorder which occurs when a primary caretaker has been abusive, In any event, his "acting out" behaviors are his way of expressing his uncomfortable emotions, perhaps abandonment depression (because mom doesn't want him anymore) or anxiety (the world is not a safe place). He is in serious need of therapy which I am sure you are already getting for him.

Thank you for asking JA and I wish you well.
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