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Our family just moved and changed school districts for my son

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Our family just moved and changed school districts for my son (age 14, H.S. Freshman) and daughter (age 12; 7th grade). Our son was hoping to make the freshman basketball team and for the past 7 weeks has been diligently participating in the pre-season conditioning program put on by the varsity coach. Tryouts were held this weekend, and we just learned that our son did not make the team. We are very disappointed for him, because of all the effort he put into it. Even more, we are sad because the team was his best way of connecting with his new school, getting to meet schoolmates, and feeling part of a group. To boot, his favorite class (Advanced Am. History) is taught by the varsity BB coach, and I'm afraid that the failure to make the team may sour his enthusiasm for the class. I'd appreciate any words of advise you might have for counseling our son through this and trying to keep him from becoming discouraged about his new school.

I am curious as to why your son did not make the Freshman team when he had been working out with them? No offense..but were his skills that off par? How many students did not make the team? How many made the team? Usually, most students make the Freshman team. What you can have your son do, if it is available, is to still compete on city league teams. There are even travelling basketball teams so that he can keep his skills developed. There is always next year. Believe me, and I have 3 sons, he will make the team next year if he continues to put forth the effort . Teach him not to be a quitter in times of adversity. Life is full of ups and downs and his reaction to the situation will only make him stronger for the next trial.


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