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my 2 year old keeps hitting my 9 month old baby. no matter

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my 2 year old keeps hitting my 9 month old baby. no matter what we do to get her to stop, she continues to do it. My husband and I have no idea what to do. can you help
How long has the hitting been going on?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

since my 9 month old was born


Oh wow...Your daughter thinks that her actions are a game. Remember that she is only 2 years old and can not yet fully comprehend the rights and wrongs of the world. The main focus here is patience. When she does hit, tell her in a very stern voice, "No hitting." Then take her hand and place it over the spot where she hit her sibling and gently stroke the area and you say in a soft tone, "Nice hands." See how that works for a while. Consistency is the key here.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
well we did try that for a period of two weeks about a month ago. but she still does it. so we figure time out removes her from hitting. but she will also hit other kids. we are not sure what is going on. we are firm believers in not hitting our children, so we are little confused why its happening . We thought she was jealous of the baby, being a two year old, and she would grow out of it. when she hits other children and Im in the room she will turn to me and smile. It's embarrassing!
If she smiles when she hits, that is an obvious sign that she thinks that it is a game. She has no fear and understanding that this is inappropriate behavior. Has another child ever hit her back..which may soon come in time?

Pay close attention to your daughter's diet and the possible stressors in her life that may be causing her aggressive behavior. For now because she is so young, continue with the timeouts immediately after the aggressive behavior. Also, start eliminating some of her favorite toys when the behavior happens especially at home. Praise her more when she acts in the appropriate manner and provide less focus on the negative behavior. Give her time. This may take a while but it is a stage that many children her age experience.

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