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Is there any advice you can give or resources you can point

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Is there any advice you can give or resources you can point me to help me with my son's problem?

My son is in Kindergarten. Today I found out from another parent that there is a group of kids in his class that are picking on him. He has said nothing to me about it and won't tell me what is happening. This occurred before class in an activity room where children in other classes meet in their groups. Neither the principal nor teacher are present in this room before class begins. There are a few other teachers that supervise, Only this parent told me and she was very concerned.

I am going to meet with the principal and teacher to discuss this. I hope to:
1. get assurance from the principal that he will make sure there is more supervision and what will be done when it is observed.
2. get assurance that when it happens again to let me know.
3. get assurance that that the ganging up on my son has stopped.
4. Get advice on what I can do to teach me son how to communicate to me or the teacher when he is being bullied.
5. get advice on what the teacher and I can do to teach my son how to defend himself.
6. Get some help identifying what my son is being targeted for and some help for him to solve the problem.

Is there any other advice you can give or resources you can point me to to help?

I am a Kindergarten teacher and everything that you wish to discuss with the principal and teachers is perfect. Also, you should periodically visit your son's school to observe exactly what is occurring. Your son has the right to feel safe at school. You as the parent have a right to be told when things are negatively affecting your son. After Wednesday when you meet with the principal, I would be curious as to the outcome of the meeting. You can request Erica.13 in your question if you need further assistance.


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Let me know if you still need further assistance after your meeting with the principal.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Erica. We went yesterday and the principal and teacher were very helpful. They let the teachers that over-see that area know what was happening and gave us some ideas to help my son let other people know when/if it happens. They also offered some advise in some other related areas. We felt assured and it was good.

Thanks for your encouragment. You first message helped me to know that what I was doing was right and that I was not being paranoid or anything.
If you ever need assistance, request me, Erica.13. You did the right thing.!!!!