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Hey My daughter is 3 1/2 and has been potty trained for well

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My daughter is 3 1/2 and has been potty trained for well over a year. Within the last 3 months she has had multiple accidents (pee) because she doesn't want to stop what she is doing. I always offer her a chance to go to the bathroom before we leave and ask her often. My question to you you punish for this? If not what should you do instead?
Example: This is actually happening right now. Today we made plans to go to the park and she was so excited. I asked her before we got into the car if she needed to go. Then once she was buckeled in I reminded her that the park doesnt have bathrooms so if she thinks that she needs to go we needed to do it know. No sooner did we get down the road and she said" I already peed my pants" so I turned around and went home telling her that no park because she peed her pants. You would have thought I tore her arm off! Was this the correct way to punish her? Ps she does not have a UTI it was already checked out.

Please do not get upset or angry with your daughter by yelling. threatening, etc. It is normal that she may regress. A pediatrician once told me that children will be completely potty trained on their own schedule. Then the pediatrician asked, "Have you ever seen a five year old in diapers?" That always made me feel better.


What you can continue to do is keep asking her when she has to use the restroom and make her try to go after lenghty time periods have passed and she has not gone. You can also set up a potty chart for the week. When she has had an accident free day, then really praise her and she gets a sticker for that day. If she has an accident, just sternly remind her that she knows what you expect about bathroom procedures. She gets no sticker if she has an accident. After a certain number of stickers, start out with 5 then move it up in increments of 5 after a few weeks, your daughter would receive a treat or be able to go somewhere fun. She needs positive reinforcement when she has done the right thing.

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Parenting is such a learning experience but I would not change it for anything. We learn from our mistakes and from others as well. So if you ever have further questions, just ask me.

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