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I am asking this for a mom that can not be in the web at work....

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I am asking this for a mom that can not be in the web at work.... she asks....
How do you recommend handling a situation with a 17year old male who has depression/anxiety/anger issues and has never had success through therapy is in an emotional crisis situation that threatens to harm him, his mother, or someone else. What do I do in the throws of the moment? And after I have managed to get us through the moment at home with just the two of us as I have a few times now, how do I help him when he says he's fine? Therapy has not worked, Zologt doesn't help any more, and his ability to handle emotional situations in life is not good (i.e., loss of the girl he loves) and his depression/angry/destructive outbursts are increasing in frequency and intensity. (last night he went so far as to punch himself in the face more than once resulting in a fat lip)



If outpatient therapy had not led to changes in his behavior, it may be needed that a higher level of care is explored. He must be willing to work on his issues as no therapy or medication would do this for him if he is resistant. If he is open to working on his issues, you may want to explore levels of care such as Residential Care or at least Intensive Outpatient Therapy. If he is ever in a crisis or aggressive, he would need immediate eval at the ER. The ER staff can then make the referral to a higher level of care. If he is not in crisis or aggressive, you would be able to get the names of these programs from his insurance and set up an evaluation for him to see if he meets the criteria. Along his treatment, some family therapy may be helpful so he does not feel a sense of alienation and is able to verbalize his anger and its causes.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Would you say that the only way to get him to an ER when he is in crisis is to call 911? He refuses and gets more agititated when I have suggested this in the past. If I do that, wouldn't they send police and if he is aggressive I am concerned it would end up in jail instead of at the hospital. Are my concerns unfounded?
Yes, you would have to call 911 unless he agrees to go voluntarily. No chances should be take as teen violence can lead to death of self or another. Usually the police comes with a crisis worker. You may want to phone United Way toll free #211 and ask if there is a mobile assessment team covering your area for mental health crisis.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
That's the most helpful information I've received in a while. THANK YOU!