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I have an 8 month old son with my ex, we are split but I have

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I have an 8 month old son with my ex, we are split but I have told him that he can see the baby whenever he likes. In the past my ex has arranged with me to come over to see our son, but turned up and when I have tried to ring him he will either not answer or text me to say he is on his way and still not turn up. I have been trying to sort out access for him but I am finding it very hard to talk to him, he has said that he doesn’t want to take our son out on his own, he says it because he’s worried that he’ll not be able to look after him, even though I know he can look after him perfectly fine. He is avoiding talking to me about access and I’m wondering if I should go to a soilicter, i would like to offer him a day in the week to see his son that he would have to stick to, but I’m not sure what my rights are. You might think my ex is a teenager but he’s 34 year old man and needs a kick up the backside.

You are doing the right thing by actively telling your ex that he should be a part of your son's life. You are not denying him of his parental rights at all. If he does not want to completely walk away from your son, then ask him how does he expect to have a relationship with him when he does not want to come around? Another alternative is that you can take this issue to court...which may be a bit costly...and the court can resolve the issue including mandated visitation schedules if necessary. A mediator might be able to solve the issue before the step of going to court.


If this has helped, please ACCEPT. Have a great day!!!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hello, thank you for the reply,you have helped and this has been very useful,and i will accept....but do you know how i could go about getting a mediator? I was thinking about getting a solicter to write him a letter offering him one day a week that he has to stick to or i would take it to court..... but i dont want him to get upset and for things to get silly.... after all i want him to be involved for our sons sake...?


You can try contacting the Academy of Family Mediators on line or contact a local Family Law attorney and have them suggest a mediator for you. Your ex has to make up his mind about what he wants to do. Unfortunately, court action may be necessary if he is not complying with your wishes. The court will do whatever is in the best interest of your son..not the best interest of your ex.
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