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Dr. Shirley Schaye
Dr. Shirley Schaye, Doctor
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  PhD-Psych; Certif. Psychoanalyst NPAP& NYFS; Memb.APsaA;IPA; Pub.Author; Teach/Supervise Therapy
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16 month son not sleeping and has never really slept through. We

Customer Question

16 month son not sleeping and has never really slept through.
We have 2 sons one age 3y 7month who sleeps 8pm – 6am
Our second son 16 month old. Great health. Great appetite has 3 or 4 solid meals per day, 4 milk bottles. (Included one at night usually 2.30am). Very nice natured in the day time.
Goes to bed 8pm. Wakes up 3 to 4 time a night. 10.30pm, midnight, 2.30am (4am) and up at 5am to 6am.

Sleeps in the day 10am for hour (wakes up on his own) and around 3.30pm for up to a hour
House is quite and no reason for him to wake up.
Tried night light – no difference
Tried comforting him each time for over six weeks – no difference
Tried going to him, not picking him up just telling him to sleep – no difference
He wakes up crying as if there is something wrong but what?
Moved him from cot to bed – only difference now he walks around his room crying.

If we do pick him up instantly he is happy and stops crying. He stops crying if he hears us going to the room but continues if we don’t go in.

Anything we are doing wrong or could try?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  Dr. Shirley Schaye replied 6 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
Dr. Shirley Schaye :

Thank you for contacting Just Answer. I am sorry that you are experiencing these difficulties. NO --- I don't think you are doing anything wrong. Different kids are wired differently genetically. I will tell you a story about two children of one of my patients. One --- you put her to bed --- cried for 2 minutes and out she was. The other a boy --- you'd put to sleep and you couldn't walk away --- he'd cry and cry and cry. At a year -and- a- half his mom put him to nap. She put him in his crib and the next thing she knew is he climbed out of his crib. Opened his bedroom door --- put his hands on his hips and said --- "Make me!" That kind of summed up what he was like -- Fast forward to present day --- a man in his late 20's --- full of energy --- works as a lawyer --- around the clock and everyone around him --- meaning other lawyers working with him wonder where he gets all his energy.

Dr. Shirley Schaye :

So the moral of the story is most often it is genetic unless, he has physical problems that are not letting him sleep. Certainly, you would have noticed that, as would have his paediatrician. Needless to say physical things are to be ruled out first. But as I said --- often it is not physical.