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My son is struggling in middle school. He is smart but he works

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My son is struggling in middle school. He is smart but he works at a slow pace. He does everything at a slow pace it's just his nature. He was places in accelerated classes becuase of his testing and now he says the teachers go to fast for him. Should I have him moved down a class? He is capable of doing the work he just doesn't get it done on time.

Good Afternoon,


Your decision would have to be based on whether or not you believe that moving down would help or hinder him. At some point he would have to pick up the pace and manage his work. If he moves back, he would not have the motivation nor the reason to try to complete his work.


Before you decide on the move, see if he can see a counselor (preferably) not the one at school to see if they can determine if he tires easily, is anxious or distracted, and if they can assist him in improving his school work habits.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
If not a counselor at his school , where?
Phone your insurance for an in network referral if you have insurance.
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