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How can I best help my son focus on reading comprehension.

Resolved Question:

How can I best help my son focus on reading comprehension. He is very intelligent and can ready very well. He sometimes struggles with what he actually read and being able to answer questions for reading.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 7 years ago.
First of all make sure that the issue is not due to a vision problem. What grade is he in? He may not be a visual learner and that makes him have a difficult time remembering what was read. Has he tried to quietly read the text aloud to himself? He may be an auditory learner. Many boys unfortunately do not like reading although it is such an important skill when it comes to reading comprehension. Have him read more things that he enjoys to read about and ask him questions about those things...just real general questions. He will simply have to keep practicing to improve in comprehension. You can always ask his teacher what he/she suggests as well. He may even have a processing problem but that would have to be evaluated by the school psychologist. You have a lot of options as to which direction to go, but do stay on top of it!!!!! Parents will do anything for the success of their children.

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