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My son will be 15 this month and we HAVE HAD YEARS OF FRUSTRATION

Customer Question

My son will be 15 this month and we HAVE HAD YEARS OF FRUSTRATION WITH DYSLEXIA. He hates school, homework and studying. He does OK especially in classes without homework. He is kind to his friends and good in school but the time he gets home he is on another page...if you will. He is not a huggy and talk about it kind of kid, nor has he ever been. We feel bad and want to help but he wants nothing to do with it or us! He is pretty much in charge of his own life. He mostly plays video games and some outdoor sports; soccer, alpine skiing, ect. He is very immature for his age and with his peers. He doesnt handle situations very well nor does he understand social ettiqutte or graces. We own a pizza parlor and all of his friends want to bus tables or seat customers but he can't because he cant be out with customers. He washes dishes and does it well, if he isnt crabby. He says and does what he wants out in public or privately it makes no difference what his company is. My husband thinks he will out grow it but he has been like this for most of his life. I am concerned that we need some help before we continue through high school. he just started 9th grade. ps he is even the oldest in his class because of his 9/30 birthdate!?!
he has been tested for add / hdad. he was borderline but fairly dyslexic. thank you for any input. Hollie

for the most part but he is miserable to deal with
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  proexpert37 replied 6 years ago.
I would suggest that if you revisit your pediatric doctor. Medication may be an option for now in dealing with the ADD. I can suggest a book : The ADD and ADHD Answer Book by Susan Ashley, PhD. It will answer many of your concerns. My own son was diagnosed with ADHD and my husband felt the same way about medications. But his behavior improved dramatically on medication. Another option is to check with your pediatrician to see if they have a teen ager's feelings management class. That also would help. Nonetheless, you are not alone but you do need to seek professional help and read the book. Much success to you. Have a great day!!!!!