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I need tips or ideas on how to get my 2 small children - girl

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I need tips or ideas on how to get my 2 small children - girl almost 3 and boy almost 4 to sleep through the night. I've tried many things and nothing seems to be working. Any help, ideas or suggestions are appreciated.
Make sure that they are going to sleep at a decent time where they are actually tired enough to stay asleep. Also, do not feed them anything with lots of sugar near bedtime and limit their drinking consumption of any beverage. Before going to sleep, make sure that they are doing some type of quiet read a story to them. Even when you have said good night to them and leave their rooms, play some kid's classical music. Let me know how these things work. 3 and 4 year olds should be sleeping through the night and only get up if they need to use the restroom.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We do the same routine every night. Most nights no snack before bed, just a very small cup of juice or milk. It doesn't matter what time they go to bed, whether it's 8pm or 10pm. Rarely they take a nap during the day and when they do, they are up (like last night) til after 10pm and they still don't sleep through the night. They get up usually one at a time, I have to go sit with them in their bed, and then the next one wakes up and I have to go in their bed, next thing I know, they are both awake and we are in one of their beds, and if I move to get up, they both wake up. It's very frustrating.

Any ideas?

You need to create a positive reward chart. Every time that they stay in the bed, they get a sticker. After 5 and then move it to 10 stickers, they get a treat...something that they will like. This may take a while but it will focus on the positive and not so much on their misbehavior.

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