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My 25 year old decided to dop out of a professional school

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My 25 year old decided to dop out of a professional school and we are very very upset. But he thinks it is not for him but we are sure he is a smart kid. He has got a degree. But over the years he has lost interest in studies and likes to drift through life with a small job and friends. What can we do to motivate him and help make use of his intel and skills. He has no other issues but sometimes a locked box. Both I and my husband give a lot of importance to stdies and we are totally devastated. He always makes promises and for some reasons is not able to keep them. Please advice. Thank you for the help.

Good Morning,


You can continue to give him advice and encourage him to set some short term goals. Focus on what he is willing to do at this time in his life, and point out to him that to obtain certain goals, he would need to apply himself.


If you believe that his behavior may be due to underlined depression, (individuals who are depressed may lose interest in things that were of importance or were pleasurable to them), suggest that he sees someone.


If you can find motivational workshops in your area, let him know and encourage him to go (he can always consult with a career counselor) There are on line career tests available as well.


The issue you're struggling with is how to let him see your point of view. He may in fact hear what you're saying but is not interested in making changes. He must want to change (no matter what you or anyone else says; it has to be his choice)


If he relies on you for financial support or resides at home, see about him getting his own place and income to support himself. Otherwise he won't be motivated.


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