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Hello, I have two children. Oldest is 4 (boy) and youngest

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Hello, I have two children. Oldest is 4 (boy) and youngest is 2 (girl). Since birth he has had bad night terrors, tends to scratch himself over and over, is very impulse, hyper, and especially defyant and disobedient. A very strong child. We try to give him some room for him to play, but very quickly he get put of hand and does not know limits. We apply time out in his room, sometimes take away things from him, or even soank sometimes. However, we always talk about his behavior and he seems to somewhat understand why his behavior was bad. We also try to avoid sugarish drinks and food. No junk food, pretty healthy life style in general. Do recommend a book in particular that treat children who ar opposiitonal defyant/hyper/strong will and/or for parents with children like mine? We wnat to go to the source of this and do what it takes to help him/us. We are already looking for a Psychologist to evaluate where the porblem is coming from. Any tips on do's and don'ts when discipline him or correcting him that would be awesome.


You are on the right track with taking him to a psychologist because there may be more to the story then just some of his behavior. A book I like to refer to is the SuperNanny book which gives good strategies on dealing with all types of behavior, including oppositional behavior.
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